Process atmospheres

In many thermal processes, the atmosphere inside the furnace or process chamber must be carefully controlled. This can be to promote or prevent chemical reactions such as oxidation and reduction, or to prevent defects in the final product. We can deliver these atmospheres for both batch and continuous in-line systems.

With over 3000 systems delivered, we have extensive experience of delivering controlled-atmosphere thermal systems. And we have the in-house computational fluid dynamics capabilities to model heat transfer, gas flow and chemical reactions within your process. So you can control the atmosphere with confidence.

Atmosphere types

  • Normal air
  • Clean air (better than Class 100)
  • Vacuum
  • Inert gases to prevent reactions
    • Nitrogen, argon
    • Less than or equal to 10 ppm O2
  • Reactive gases
    • Carbon monoxide, hydrogen, chlorine, sulfur and or selenium containing atmospheres