February 2013 – PVcomB boosts CIGS development by investing in new generation "active" selenization system

The Competence Centre Thin-Film- and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin, PVcomB, ordered an active selenization system from Smit Ovens BV. The R&D system ordered offers the same concept as mass production systems and actively support selenium and sulfur transport to the substrates during the RTP process. This will accelerate development of highly efficient CIGS technology at PVcomB.

Eindhoven – 1st February 2013 - Smit Ovens’s newly developed active selenization systems get recognized by PVcomB. PVcomB offering process services throughout the CIS and CIGS industry. The investment will accelerate their development roadmap to high efficient cells.

“Experiments show that vapor phase reactors allow new pathways into highly efficient CIGS cell development.” states Dr. Niklas Papathanasiou, manager CIGS development at PVcomB. “The active reactor design is the industrialized solution for our experiments”.

After careful market evaluation PVcomB decided to contract Smit Ovens for the supply of a flexible R&D system capable of running 300x300 mm substrates. The system’s active reactor design is state of the art thermal technology and offers a high level of repeatability and controllability needed in reliable mass production environment.

“The design of this R&D system is identical to the large area and high throughput systems.” states Wiro Zijlmans, CEO at Smit Ovens BV ”This allows for a fast and reliable scale up to mass production on the basis of processes developed by PVcomB”

About PVcomB
The mission of PVcomB, the Competence Centre Thin-Film- and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin, is to support worldwide growth of thin-film photovoltaic technologies and -products by providing top level technology transfer. At PVcomB two R&D lines for 300×300 mm modules based on thin-film silicon and copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) respectively are operated. Robust baseline processes on a high efficiency level, combined with advanced process and device analytics, have been established as a basis for the introduction and development of further innovative technology steps, and their transfer to industry.
PVcomB – as part of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and in close cooperation with the Technical University Berlin (TUB), the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW) and industrial partners – combines competences in fundamental materials research and device development on the one hand, with industrial experience and technology on the other.

Prof. Dr. Rutger Schlatmann
Director PVcomB
+49 (30) 8062 15680

About Smit Ovens
Founded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in 1936, Smit Ovens is a leading supplier of customized thermal equipment and processes for the glass, electronics, displays and photovoltaic industries. It employs around 50 people and currently has around 3000 installations operating, including some 110 in the solar industry.

Smit Ovens
Michael M. van der Gugten
Sales Manager Smit Ovens
T: +31 (0)499 494 549

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