March 2014 – 2 Major Thin Film players decided to order mass production systems from Smit Ovens

Eindhoven - Tuesday, March 7 - Smit Ovens reports major order income for the thin film solar industry over the last 2 months. Major thin film solar panel producers in Asia and USA ordered mass production equipment in Q1 2014. The total order volume exceeds US$ 9,000,000.-

“Our continuous focus on cost effective concepts for the solar industry finally pays-off” said Smit Ovens CTO Gerard Kaper. At the brink of the market recovery, Smit Ovens sold already several R&D and pilot systems during 2013 in Europe, USA and Asia. Major R&D centers like Solliance, PVcomB and SERIS will use equipment based on these new production concepts enabling thin film producers to team up to explore the new possibilities in production. This has laid the foundation for the current successes of Smit Ovens.

The latest deals consist of active selenization systems as well as activation furnaces. “As a machine builder, Smit Ovens has extensive experience in high-precision thermal solutions for the solar industry. Involved in extensive programs to validate our concepts for mass production the new orders show that we run the right technology roadmap.” said Smit Ovens CEO Wiro Zijlmans. “With these orders we have a decently filled order book for 2014. We are prepared for even further growth.” 

About Smit Ovens

Founded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in 1936, Smit Ovens is a leading supplier of customized thermal equipment and processes for the glass, electronics, displays and photovoltaics industries. It employs around 50 people and currently has around 3000 installations operating, including some 115 in the solar industry.

Smit Ovens
Wiro Zijlmans
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