Glas Processing System

Our high-temperature glass ovens can be used for a range of thermal processes including annealing and semiconductor activation. According to your application needs, you can choose between controlled-atmosphere systems that maintain gas levels at a desired level, or contained atmosphere systems where the process chamber is completely sealed.

Operating at 500-700 °C, the systems feature oscillating roller-based transport systems that ensure the glass remains perfectly flat even at these high temperatures. The roller design also lowers cost of ownership and reduces contamination levels in the process chamber.

System includes

  • Thermal process chamber
  • Roller substrate transport system

Features / benefits

Product feature Benefit for you
Accurate temperature control with extremely uniform temperature distribution Fewer end-product breakages in production and operation
Roller-based substrate transport Prevents substrate deformation and reduces costs
High performance Smaller system for better use of floor space and lower upfront investment
Energy-saving design Lower operating costs
Highly responsive temperature controls Improved end-product efficiency
Rapid return to production conditions after stoppages Improved production efficiency with no "first panel effect"