Activation CdTe Layer

A complete process environment for semiconductor activation of cadmium-telluride (CdTe) solar cells, this equipment features a twin-muffle design for maximum operational safety.

The gas-tight muffle over the entire active environment ensures no cadmium leaks into your facility. A second inner muffle isolates the insulation and heaters from the process area. This means you can swap heaters in less than hour with no cadmium safety issues, significantly reducing downtime.

Further improving your productivity, the entire system can be set up at your site in just one week. Once in operation, the Elongated Belt Compensator (EBC) reduces the need to stop production to tighten the belt. Furthermore, the energy-saving design and air-cooled exhaust cut your overall cost of ownership.

System includes

  • Gas-tight muffle containing active environment
  • Accurate temperature management during processing

Features / benefits

Product feature Benefit for you
Accurate temperature control (±2 °C) for uniform substrate temperature during soaking Maximum substrate efficiency
Whole process environment contained in gas-tight muffle No Cd emission into your factory
Emission detection system on entrance and exit to active environment Extremely safe operation at all times
Stainless steel inner muffle isolates insulation and heaters from process area Reduced maintenance time and no Cd safety issues during maintenance
Elongated Belt Compensator (EBC) tensions belt horizontally Less downtime for belt shortening
Air-cooled exhaust system Doesn't require water connection reducing cost of ownership
Low energy consumption Reduced cost of ownership
Modular setup with local controls 1-week set-up time at your site for fast production start
Quick-response temperature controls Stable process for higher production and panel efficiency