After thorough testing the Close Spaced Sublimation (CSS) coating tool for the CdTe solar module factory presently under construction in Chengdu, P.R. China, passed successfully the Initial Acceptance Test (IAT) at the premises of Smit Thermal Solution B.V. in Son, close to Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The machine now can be shipped to China for installation in the module factory.

With a total length of 47,07 m the CSS tool is one of the largest process machines ordered for the Chengdu factory. Its purpose is the deposition of the active, light absorbing layers on the glass substrates, the most important process step for manufacturing CdTe solar modules. The coating capacity is 125 m2 per hour fitting to module production capacity of more than 16.000 WP per hour.

The technical concept of the CSS tool has been developed by CTF Solar. With Smit Thermal Solutions B.V. CTF Solar has found the ideal partner to transform CTF Solar´s basic concepts into a reliable machine design suitable for mass production and for construction of the machine.