Glass is where it all started for Smit. Over 75 years, we have created thousands of thermal solutions for the glass, display and electronics industry.

At Smit, we design and manufacture thermal process solutions for high-volume manufacturing. With thousands of installed systems in the glass, electronics, display and solar industries, our experience is growing fast and goes deep and wide in oven design, heat transfer methods and process atmospheres, we’re constantly innovating.

Today, we focus on thin film applications, acting as an expert partner to manufacturers aiming for cost-effective mass production.

On top of all this, we have extensive in-house know-how in the physics and chemistry of deposition and diffusion processes.

  • Activation CdTe Layer

    Activation CdTe Layer

    CdTe Activation system
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  • Drying / Curing System

    Drying / Curing System

    Drying / Curing platform offering standard modules for R2R s...
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  • RTP Systems

    RTP Systems

    RTP System
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  • Contact Firing Systems

    Contact Firing Systems

    Contact Firing
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  • Pre heater System

    Pre heater System

    Fast Heaters
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  • Glas Processing System

    Glas Processing System

    High temperature Glas Treatment
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