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Life-cycle planning and management

At Smit Thermal Solutions, we believe in taking a proactive approach to life-cycle planning and management. We understand that minimizing system downtime, preventing system offsets, and minimizing the total cost of ownership are critical factors in the success of any operation. Our team of experts offers remote identification, assessment, and planning of technology updates to recommend appropriate upgrades or services to optimize your equipment's performance.

During maintenance and service calls, we identify any system, module, control loop, communication, or software problem to ensure that your equipment is always operating at peak efficiency. We maintain a detailed maintenance log of all service events recorded in a control database, which is available to our customers for review at any time. 

Additionally, we conduct half-yearly evaluations of analysed events logged during preventive maintenance and service calls to identify opportunities for equipment upgrades and modifications.  Our revision-level maintenance is designed to optimize the performance of your production equipment. 

At Smit Thermal Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced equipment and solutions available, while also ensuring that their equipment remains up-to-date and optimized for their specific needs.

Project and services


Our tailor-made ovens require little maintenance. Once installed, they operate with minimal servicing. They are also equipped with remote diagnostics systems, so we can provide rapid support wherever you are located in the world.

If there is a technical problem or you need help to fine-tune a process that is in operation, we can simply dial-in over the internet and evaluate your system's status and performance. Based on that our specialists can advice on corrective measures and optimizations.

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